Oklahoma Federation of Coonhunters

                                  Welcome to the Oklahoma Federation of Coonhunters.  We are glad you stopped by. 

Board Members


Roy Ingram   


Vice President

Eric Mathis



Tom Pritchett



Sam Canaday-Dooley




Committee Members

Legislative Committee
John Thornton-Chairman
Gary Starns
Gerald Hacker
Fred Smith Jr.
Jim Haley
 Nominating Committee
Martin Doss
State Hunt Committe
Carl Reed
Eric Mathis
 Winter Classic      
 Hunt Committtee 
John Thornton
Teressa Ingram
Shannon Pruitt

Membership Chairperson 

Teressa Ingram












                                                              OKLAHOMA FEDERATION OF COONHUNTERS

This is to all Oklahoma Federation paid Clubs. If you are interested in holding the Oklahoma Federation Youth Hunt this next year, we would like for you to present a proposal package at the Oklahoma State Hunt in October, so it can be discussed. This package needs to contain where you will be holding the Hunt and what you have to offer the Youth of Oklahoma.

We are also taking donations for the Okla. Federation Legislative Fund that the Federation has established to put funds in to pay our Lobbyist Gerald Hacker. We would appreciate if all Clubs could donate to this Fund. We are heading in the right direction.  We voted at the OK State Hunt that the Houndtrust be reinstated.  It will need work and money to get it off and running.  Ed Ables has agreed to help us, but only if we all help ourselves.  You must get to know you Senator and Representative and write, call, email, or go visit them regarding bills or laws that affect OK hunters of all kinds.  Keep up to date on new bills and legislation.  We must all get involved in order to change things. 


Roy Ingram: President Ponca City, Okla.

Eric Mathis: Vice Pres. Chelsea, Okla

Tom Pritchett:  Sec,Tres. Ponca City, Okla.

Sam Canaday-Dooley:  Reporter  Moore, OK

Please don't for get to Donate to the Legislative Fund. Send money to

Tom Pritchett 1267 Valley Circle Ponca City, Okla 74604

Roy Ingram 7275 Souligny Rd. Ponca City, Okla 74601

Please feel free to contact any of us for any info or help.


                                                2011 Oklahoma State Championship (under construction)





 2011 OK State Youth Hunt, Seminole, OK  June 25, 2011

Treeing Contest Winners:         


                         1st Place- Tavie Palmer - Dog: Squaw  119 Barks                               2nd Place - Hunter Bruce - Dog:  Bee  99 Barks                                                              


 Bench Show Winners:  BSJ  Mike Grant


 Overall Benchshow Winner:  GRCH 'PR' Cherry Creek Walnut Stinger  Owner:  Sam Canaday-Dooley  Handler:  Elizabeth Canaday

 Overall Opposite Sex for Benchshow:  GRCH 'PR' Longshot Stingin Yellow Jacket   Owner:  Sam/Elizabeth Canaday  Handler:  Elizabeth Canaday


 Champion Male:  NITECH 'PR' Twin Mounds Blue Doc     Owner:  Teddy Noland    Handler:  Hunter Mathis


Champion Female:  CH 'PR' Rockin W's Girls Only Prettier   Owner:  Marrissa Turner/Whitney Bray    Handler:  Makalia Turner


BMOS:  'PR' Starns' Commanche Table Rock Edge      Owner:  Cheyenne Starns        Handler:  Raven Fargo   (picture not available)

BFOS:  'PR' Shelby's Little Walnut Hailey                    Owner:   Jimmy Mayfield     Handler:  Jaycie Nolan       



Nite Hunt Winners:  MOH  Melvin Meyers

 High Scoring Dog  375+ 'PR' Neosho River Captain    Owner:  Ed Stroud   Handler:  Kyle Martin  15 yrs old.


2nd place Opposite Sex:  225+ points   'PR' Valley Creek Jitterbug         Owner:  Redgy or Wynell Ramsey           Handler:  Zack Stacy        Age:  12




This website has been created for all coonhunters especially for those in Oklahoma.

It is strictly an informational site to get all of Oklahoma involved in the Oklahoma Federation of Coonhunters. We will try and have information of the results of State Hunts, Legislatative Issues, Upcoming happening with the Federation and a lot more.

Please be patient with us this is a new endeavor.

There will be no name bashing, no profanity, no one sided views. You will be able to e-mail us with club news that you would like posted, like I said this will be a general information website, no advertising  just Oklahoma Hunts.

We hope to have the Oklahoma Clubs page showing what Clubs are paid and such.

If you have any ideas to make this a good website sends ideas to okfederationofcoonhunters@yahoo.com      


If you would like info on your hunts such as winners and any extra please send them to us and we will publish.